Multifunctional Search

Users can search their medical by category, specialist, region, gender and language.

Although you may have had the name of your medical and clinics, you can search by inputting the keywords。

In addition, by concerning that it may be inconvenient for some users to using Chinese Input method, the Android version of this app allows Voice Input as well,
you can simply speak out the name of medical or clinics, and the inquries will be answered shortly。

Also, you can select the region and/or the category of clinics for your inquires,
By customer conditions, you can find the best and most convenient medical and/or clinics.

The comprehensive medical information in Macau

provides you detailed information about all the medical and clinics,
includes the name, gender, category and specialist
qualifications, main médical, telephone, address and opening hours, etc. of medical.

More personal photos of the medical and clinics will be added with the owner's permit.

A great database of "Macau Doctor"

To Search the Nearest Medical Automatically

Once the search has finished,the distance between the medical and your current location will be displayed in a list mode;

In the map mode, your current location and the location of your selected medical can be displayed as well.
Thus, you will know which medical close you the most.

To Plan Routes

I do not know how to go to the searched address(es) even they are written shown?
It is not a big deal. You can simply click any field from the comprehensive information, and click "Route",
it will automatically estimate the best route from your current location to the clinics,
and you can use the "Google Map" to show the detailed routes and best transport(e.g. By Car, By Public Transport, or By Foot).


When you need to call the medical or clinics,
you can click the field of telephone from the comprehensive information about the medical and/or clinics,
it will automatically dial the telephone number (if there are several numbers, one of the telephone numbers can be selected and dialed from the various numbers.

My Favourite

Once you find the medical and clinics, if you need to add them to your personnel favourite,
you can click the "heart" symbol from the top of information interface,
you can then add them to your favourite for your future use when appointments and diagnoses are needed.

Multilingual Support

"Macau Doctor"currently supports 3 languages(Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English),
more languages such as Portuguese will be added in the future for the convenience of Macanese and incoming tourists.

To Introduce the Medical and Clinics to Family and Friends

If you want to share specific information about any medical or clinics to family and friends,
you can click on "Sharing" button at the top right corner,
share your current medical page to anyone thru Message, Whatsapp, WeChat,
E-mail, Facebook, Weibo, etc.

To Login Automatically

It can be automatically login-in as per the use of your smart phone,
it is very easy to use with the registered account, and avoid any inconvenient during missing input of account information as per the processing of login-in.

On-line Reservation thru Smart Phone

In the future, the function of on-line reservation will be added
to avoid patients' waiting time, and to improve the efficiency;
On the other hand, the function of reminder will be accomplished with the on-line reservation once applicable.
When the reserved time is approaching, the smart phone will automatically remind users to see the doctors.